Step by Step (formerly Walk to Remember)

Honour the life of your loved one at the first annual Step by Step.


The 2018 Step by Step will be held October 14, 2018 @ Lake Ontario Park.

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There will be activities, raffle draws and prizes as well as a BBQ.  Join us for this special event to honor your loved ones.  Be sure to bring a picture/memory of your loved one to share at this wonderful event.

Pledges for the Walk to Remember help BFO (Kingston) continue is good work helping families, individuals and the Greater Kingston Area community with groups/one-on-one and outreach to community services.

Click to pledge online


How are you going to raise money…. Here is a suggested easy way to raise $250 dollars; an amazing amount!

  • Sponsor Yourself  –  $20
  • Ask 3 Relatives for $25 each – $75

You’re almost a third of the way there!

  • Ask 3 Friends for $10 each – $30
  • Ask 5 co-workers for $10 each – $50

More than halfway!!

  • Ask 5 neighbours for $10 each – $50
  • Ask a local store/workplace for $25

YOU DID IT!!! Just like that, you have contributed $250 to BFO-Kingston; contributed to supporting families/friends/colleagues and the community when someone is living with grief.