BFO Kingston Teens

(Teen Grief Program - Sponsored by CFKA)

“To Remember and Honour You”

In-School Teen Grief Program & Teen-Based Web Page

Thanks to a very generous donation from The Sunnyside Children’s Fund and CFKA, we have launched an In-School Teen Grief Program, which is available to any interested local secondary school.  This program consists of both In-School Bereavement Programs and this Teen Web Page that we hope will encourage teens to seek out assistance and appropriate resources.

Bereaved teens are often:

  • Unprepared for the rituals and expectations of funerals;
  • Uncomfortable with questions concerning death;
  • Unable to concentrate academically;
  • Confused when friends back off or don’t seem to understand;
  • Distraught when others expect a return to “normalcy” too soon, and are often;
  • Physically sick, commonly experiencing symptoms such as nightmares, insomnia or addictions.

Each of our 8-week Programs meets once weekly for one alternating period during school hours.  Each group is made up of bereaved students, 2 trained BFO Facilitators and 2 Staff Members.  The in-school setting provides a familiar, safe and confidential, mutual-support setting in which the students can express their pain, anxieties and memories.  Our Facilitators use various creative and reflective processes during the sessions that help provide the students with the tools they need to develop coping skills for a healthy life that will continue into adulthood.  If you or your school could benefit from this Program, or if you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Facilitator, please contact us at 613-634-1230 or

Some of the Objectives of our Program Include:

  • Encouraging dialogue about death, grieving and stigma;
  • Combating the sense of loneliness and isolation associated with grief and recognizing that the bereaved often respond better to one another;
  • Confronting and overcoming the students’ sense of alienation and hopeless;
  • Providing emotional support;
  • Reinforcing that feelings experienced in the grief journey are normal;
  • Encouraging the formation of bonds and support outside of the Program, and;
  • Providing the students and their families with additional resources as needed.

Thank You, Sunnyside Children's Fund and CFKA, for Your Financial Support!

For more information about the many wonderful projects funded by CFKA, please visit their website at